It could have been worse!

24 Feb

I guess the week could have been worse!  I didn’t get injured.  

The week started out fine, Monday I did my first full cross fit class.  It was brutal but kind of encouraging.  I did better than I expected but I knew that I was going to pay for it the next couple of days.  I was in pain for a couple of days!

Tuesday I did a hard speed workout session with my training group.  We did hill sprints for almost the entire 1.5 hours!  It was a great workout!  The week was going to be good…so I thought.

Wednesday I went to visit my daughter in college and I was going to have meetings all day Thursday.  I woke up Wednesday in the middle of the night and had the flu!  It was awful and painful.  Every time I threw up every muscle in my body hurt from cross fit so it was really hard to sleep in between episodes.  I didn’t leave my hotel Thursday and knew I wasn’t up to driving home so I stayed another night.  No exercise Thursday or Friday.  

We had about 10 inches of snow on Thursday so on Saturday I ran 4.3 on a treadmill at 1.0% incline.  I ran at about 9:20’s (easy) but it was still pretty hard and I was still pretty fatigued.  Today (Sunday) the streets were pretty cleared so I ran 5.0 outside.  I felt today as if I did a long run yesterday, my legs were rubbery and I was very fatigued.  I slowed down and just kept moving forward.  Nothing about it felt good except fighting through it!

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.  I am planning on starting the day with cross fit and doing an easy run.

Weight 179 (-7 lbs, flu aided)

Feb 79.4

YTD 190

Pullups 6-4-3-10 and 6-4-3-13


A New Perspective makes a big difference!

19 Feb

I had my recovery run Sunday.  It was a 5 mile run and I usually dread the recovery run because I am still tired from the hard workout the day before.  After reading a message sent to me from John (Fit for a year) I gained a new perspective on the recovery run.

I thought the recovery run was supposed to speed my recovery and was always frustrated that it didn’t seem to do that!  For the first time I went into the recovery run thinking this is a “real” workout!  My legs are tired and without over-stressing my body I am going to get in a good workout.  I now believe the recovery is to add miles to a tired body at a relaxed pace.  This will help me with both “time on my feet” and at the end of a run when I am tired my body will have more experience running on fatigued legs.

I went out on a 5 mile slow run and it actually felt good.  My legs were heavy so I slowed down.  I did make one mistake and ran a BIG hill.  I coasted on the way down even though that adds too much stress and I just ran it slowly on the way back up.  

Just my change in perspective on what I was trying to accomplish made all the difference in the workout.  It’s still hard for me to get away from the mentality that every run has to be faster than the previous run and that different runs are to accomplish different things but I think I am heading the right direction!

Weight 181

Feb 63.1miles

YTD 173.7

Pullups 6-4-3-10

A Struggle this morning!

17 Feb

I have had a few runs since my last post but today was a tough one.  It snowed last night and was windy and cold this morning 25*F.  I had the great idea of wearing an old pair of shoes to keep my good shoes fresh and a long pair of socks to help with the cold.  I now have 2 blisters on my feet!

The run started out well.  I ran with a bit faster group today but I was only going 6 so I thought it would be fine.  We did the first 3 miles in about 25:00.  My legs felt good but my feet were starting to feel like I was blistering.  At the turn, I was the only one that turned so I thought I would just slow down a bit.  My blisters were bothering me too much so I walked some on the way home and turned a pretty good run into a pretty bad run.  The last couple of runs have been pretty good.  Pretty easy and pretty easy paces.

Had a good Cross Fit Ramp up class.  I worked hard!  The end workout was (3) sets of pull-ups, 115 pound stone shoulder lifts, overhead press.  My body is going to be sore tomorrow but I am glad I am finished with the Ramp Up classes so I can now do the regular classes on my normal cross training days and not doing it on my long run days (the only days the Ramp Up was offered).  I think this Cross Fit is going to help vault me to the best shape I have been in 20 years!  I really hope this increased fitness helps with my running and doesn’t overdo it to the detriment of my running.

weight 181 (down 5 lbs)

Pullups 7-5-4-18 PR (yesterday)

Pullups 12 (today)

Feb 58.1 miles

YTD 168.7

A GOOD DAY! Plus a bit of Venting.

12 Feb

Last night I had a father daughter dance with my Senior in HS.  It was my 6th in a row and I have 4 more in a row coming with my youngest daughter.  I really had a great time.  My daughter was beautiful and there is no way I can be more proud of her!

FD dance

This morning I was still very sore from my Cross Fit on Saturday.  I had a 3 mile Recovery run on my schedule that I didn’t know if I could complete because of fatigue and soreness.  It worked out but it was tough.  I ran 3.2 miles in 9:30’s.  It was slow but I finished!  I think it was good for me because my hamstrings feel much better now than they did before or during the run.

Tomorrow night is speed work.  We are doing a 2 mile time trial.  I have never tried to run a hard 2 miles and don’t really know how to pace myself.  I am a bit nervous and a bit excited to try it.  I hope to be under 8 minute miles.

Lent is coming up and I have decided to try the Paleo diet for lent.  I think it will help push me on my weight loss and it is a good challenge to help with my faith.  I expect (and hope) to lose 10 pounds or more during lent.

Today was a good day all around.  A big deal was finalized and a small deal was completed.

About 11 days ago my  personal assistant emailed me (kind of a chicken way to quit) that she was giving me 30 days notice.  I didn’t see the email for about a week so I think that really threw her for a loop that I didn’t acknowledge it.  At first I was a bit disappointed but now I am glad she is leaving!  I never gave her a heavy workload because she would just get so stressed out.  She always tells me how busy she is, she misses a lot of work and many times when she is there she is super moody.  I don’t know what happened.  She worked for me for about 18 months and I increased her pay by 18% over that period of time.  She started out so promising but it just kept getting harder and harder to get a days work out of her.  The last couple of days I have been monitoring her time working and her time on personal matters and it seems like it’s about 50/50.  I don’t think I am going to replace her, I think I am going to go back to just doing her work myself (with my lovely wife helping as well).  Okay, that’s enough venting for me.

Weight 184

Pullups 6-5-4-16 (PR)

February 39.4 miles

YTD 150 miles

My Weekly Long Run

9 Feb

I ran 10 miles today in my “Runners Edge” group.  My pace was 9:25.  I felt great for about 5 or 6 of the miles then it got tough but I fought through it.  Overall it was a good, hilly run.  I really wish I joined this group a long time ago, it is so nice running with a group.

After my long run I got to rest for about an hour then I had to go to my “ramp up” cross fit class.  I had to sign up for 2, 2 hour training classes to join Sky’s Limit Cross Fit.  I was a bit worried about doing the cross fit training after the 10 mile run but kept telling myself it was just training and it would be easy.  I am sure it was much easier than a normal cross fit class but after running it was still pretty tough!

I am off to coach a basketball game!

I should sleep like a baby tonight!

Weight 185

February 28.2

YTD 146.8


Glad I did it!

7 Feb

I woke up today still sore from my speed work Tuesday (and maybe my recovery run Wednesday).  It was raining when I awoke and it took everything in my power to get out of bed.  I decided to run at the gym instead of on the road.  I told myself just get there and run 2 miles, if you still feel bad you can quit.

I ran the warmup miles slowly 9:26 pace at 1% incline.  Well it didn’t feel good after the warmup but I pushed on.  I ran the next 2 miles at 8:45 pace and the cool down mile back at about 9:15.  The whole run was a struggle but as soon as I was finished I was so glad I stuck it out!  I ran 5 miles on a bad day.  Maybe that’s some sort of turning point.  Only time will tell.

Heading to Fayetteville, AR today for work.

185 pounds

pullups 5-5-5-15 (new PR)

February 26.2 miles

YTD 136.8

Recovery Run

6 Feb

Another new one to me.  I have never really gone out with the intention of a recovery run.  I had a hard workout last night and the “coach” told me to do a recovery run of 3-4 miles today.  I got up this morning and ran 3.25.  I ran it at an easy pace 9:30 on soft ground.  I am not really sure if that’s what a recovery run is really supposed to be or not but I guess I will find out.  

It’s hard for me to run different paces.  I just run, some days it’s faster than others but I am always beat at the end of it.  I guess this was a bit different.  I was tired at the end but not for very long and I don’t feel wiped out.

Is that what a recovery run is supposed to be?

I am going to “borrow” an idea from a blog that I follow.  Cactused is going to runn 2013KM in 2013.  I am going to attempt the same.  That’s about a 25% increase from my 2012 totals.

Weight 186

Pullups 5-5-4-7

Feb 21.2 miles  34.2 km

YTD 131.8 miles 212.58 miles